Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gag me with a yogurt taco...or pregnancy will do it too

If you are wondering, "gag me with a yogurt taco" was one of my favorite valley girl sayings from the 80's.

Yick. Bleck. I feel sick! I am so afraid I am going to get as big as a house because the only thing that seems to keep my nausea at bay is to constantly feed my face. My sister lived an entire pregnancy on Werthers Originals and Rootbeer. The only thing that sounds good to me are chipotle steak burritos. Yeah, that's gonna get pricey. Every time I think about the sensation in my throat I mentally say the word "keck". I think that may be a barfing sound effect...I'm not sure.

Anyway, random stuff is starting to gross me out. I am going to start an official pregnancy gag list on my sidebar. I'll update it as need be.

So ladies, what made you gag during your pregnancies?

Summer Vacation

When I stood on a cliff looking over this view I felt my ribs unzip and my heart practically float away.

We're finally home from our summertime escapades. We've been gone for almost two weeks and had such a good time getting out of the city and back to nature. We went camping with Nic's clan in Duck Creek Utah first and then came home for one day...shook the dirt out of our shoes, washed the clothes and took off to do the whole small town fourth of July thing with my family back home at Pablo Canyon. I wanted to share some of the pictures.
Pablo Canyon
One of the main events back home is to load everyone up in a 4-Wheel drive vehicle and bounce up to Birch Creek where we have a cook-out and let the kids play in the creek. Then we drive all the way to the top of the mountain and go down the other side to Austin to play at the park, swim and eat at the Toiyabe Drive in Frosty.

Afton and Evan at Birch Creek

Evan sporting his new sheriff hat

Afton at Birch Creek cook out

Here's a video of our fist night at Pablo Canyon. This is the ranch where my parents live and Nic and I stayed in one of the empty rental trailers in the main yard. Everyone showed up to have a true country ho-down. We had a great time cooking up a big bunch of cowboy beans, corn on the cob and staying up late to tell ghost stories. Even Afton and her cousin Ellie got in on the action!

MMM!!! One of my favorite back home meals...there's a cup of brown sugar in those bad boys!

My dad Frank and Nic at the very top of Birch Creek canyon. You can't really see that well because there was a haze from the California wildfires, but we were so high and could see for a hundred miles in every direction. It was windy and exhillerating up there!

My mom Sandy taking the kids for a quad ride up pablo road. Evan cared more about the motorcycles than eating. We had a scary moment when we lost him for about 15 minutes and we found he had wandered up the ranch and found a riding lawn-mower to "drive".

Here's the sweet 10 ft wide trailer Nic and I stayed in. The porch also doubled for our talent show stage. This is my dad telling red neck jokes. Ashley Stout and I performed a Tahitian hula and can I just say how completely heart-broken I am that my hubby didn't get it on video!? In case you don't know, one of my items on my life checklist was to learn and perform a real hula. Humph. Sigh. So sad. I am praying Ashley will put it on her blog. Nic played the guitar and we sang Allison Krauss's "You Say it Best When You Say Nothing At All". Afton did princess dancing with her cousins.

I love this uncertain expression on Afton' face as she greeted a surprise visitor.

Duck Creek

The Larkin crew including Papa Larkin

My favorite activity of the whole Duck Creek trip was our family hike to Cascade Waterfall. It was the perfect hike. Not to long for little kids, yet still makes you sweat...breathtaking views (the first picture on this post was during that hike), varied landscape, not all uphill, and an awesome destination. It was the perfect family hike and I want to do it every year now.

Cascade Waterfall...Nic and Evan testing the waters

Afton on her first real hike.

Local Wildlife

Can you say Velveeta CHEESE?!

Phew...this whole vacation has been so fun, but also so exhausting because Evan had diahreah (cha cha cha) the entire ten days and...I'm Pregnant!