Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thumbs up kind of Wednesday

I love the days when things just go your way. Yesterday was NOT one of those days. Today was though. Yesterday was a forgot it was picture day, can't find a mystery diaper in the house before two separate groups of guests arrive, key stuck in the the ignition, string of beads breaking at an annoying time type of day. But today....ahhh...deep breath....a good day.

My hair worked out even though I was in a huge rush. I de-crumbed my car and cleaned out the trunk while the baby slept for once. I picked up Nic from work with my kids and ate at Wendy's. We ran into missionaries and random family members. My salad was much more delicious than anticipated and my once a week diet coke tasted like the nectar of the gods.

I went to Deseret Book and while there I noticed Evan had split from the herd and was examining a beautifully done bust of Jesus. The sculpture happened to be right at eye level for Evan. He smiled and smiled at Jesus and then leaned in and gave him a kiss. (Commence heart melting). I asked him, "Evan, do you love Jesus?" He said, "Yep." Then he gave him once more kiss and skipped away.

Jemma was snoozin' again so rather than move her, I parked at the park and let the kids tackle each other on the grass for a few minutes. I read a book that inadvertently pointed out all the ways I can be a jerk and made me want to instead work on building confidence in others with every encounter. I forget how much power we have in the way we treat each other.

Jemma woke up and I got out of the car and felt that white, warm sun on me that feels like Spring Break. After being cooped up for a few days I love to turn my face straight to the sun and close my eyes for as long as I can stand it. Fills my happy cup.

There were a couple of teenage boys at the park and I spent a good deal of time contemplating how I could politely inquire as to how boy number one keeps his pants up when they are belted around him below his butt cheeks. I formulated many ways of asking, but decided against it in the end.

I heard a country song on the radio about a dude appreciating his old car that still ran, a few bucks in a coffee can, (mine happens to be a peanut butter jar), dinner in the oven, a good woman's lovin' (love that cheesy rhyme), ticker still tickin' , etc... That song was me. It's a good life.