Friday, April 9, 2010

On Being Manly

An innocent little post. ALL I said on facebook was that I was cooking dinner and my husband was playing Taylor Swift songs on Evan's green recorder. What's the big deal, right? Well, he started receiving phone calls at work. Heckling phone calls that put into question his manliness. Impossible!

This morning I was singing in my best soul sista voice in the shower and Nic called me out. Oh yes he did :) How could I throw him under the bus like that? I made him look like he was some wood elf, skipping through the forest playing leprechaun songs on his pan flute! How could I fail to mention that he was working out the notes for Afton who was wanting to play a Taylor Swift song for the school talent show? (Because it wasn't as funny if I said it that way, but I didn't tell him that) Now his friends are calling him and questioning his manliness!

My sister has been threatening to post a video I made of myself in college called "Hot Dance Moves". Now Nic is behind her in this quest purely for revenge. So now I feel I need to call off the dogs by touting my husband's masculine qualities. Why do I feel like I might be more in trouble after this post? thing ever. Couple weeks ago we biffed it by miscalculating what time we needed to be at an important event. We were dying, writhing in embarrassment trying to work up the nerve to call and say basically "we suck". So I told Nic, "Just blame it on me. Tell them I screwed up." I'll never forget him looking over at me while driving with his one hand (sexy MANLY thing he does) and saying, "Babe, I would never throw you under the bus like that, never." MANLY!

It has taken me a LONG time to admit, but I'm pretty sure Nic is quite a bit smarter than me. It's pretty sexy. (Okay, this may not score manly points with the dudes, but I think it is awesome) I caught him up late one night watching calculus videos on You Tube....for fun.

This boy also feels the need to die apparently. Ever seen him on a motorcycle? Every time I see him ride I want to smack him or kiss him...can't tell which.

He is a different kind of guy. He read Twilight with me. He sings like an angel. He draws and paints. He does not watch ESPN every second of the day. But he's all man:) The most manly thing is that he mans up. He cares for his kids, is loyal to his wife and works his butt off for this family. It's all he cares about. He drives the older car to let his wife drive the nicer one. It's getting harder and harder to find a man like that. So no worries...I can smell his testosterone from here.