Friday, September 19, 2008

A Diva Amongst Us

I always think it's funny to see what songs Nic and I listen to that the kids take a liking to. Lately Afton has become attatched to "Bleeding Love". I had to capture her sweet karakoke skills. Kid videos are never as cute to everyone else as they are to the parents, but it's only 45 seconds long and the hip action at the end really sweetens the deal. WORK IT GIRL!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sometimes Happiness is Cheap!

I'm no good at formatting my blogs, this picture belongs at the very end of the post...I don't know how to move it, so just ignore it til you get to the end of the post! Lame. Sorry.

Super cute Gap embroidered jeans and Gymboree sweater! Weeeee....

The other night I had Sunday dinner over at my place. I was worried about it being too crowded with everyone over. But you know, we found the opposite to be true, we sat around my couch like we were sitting around a camp fire and I can't remember the last time we all talked as a family like that. Sometimes love grows in small spaces:) Plus, we had big pans of gooey chicken Parmesan, pene with broccoli, garlic and Parmesan, home made bread sticks and banana splits. What a perfectly cozy, delicious evening.

Okay, now for my thrift store bonanza! I went to two of my favorite second hand clothing stores today to get some winter clothes for the kids...yes it is still 100 degrees outside, but you who know me know I just can't wait for the next thing! So here is my bounty. Let me describe specifically my satisfaction.
I found good quality brands such as H&M, Gap, Gymboree, Yes, Arizona, Sprockets, Nike, all in great condition, some never even used. I got:
Six pairs of jeans
1 dress
1 sweater
3 pairs of pj's
7 long sleeved shirts
1 pair of cords
2 cool big toy cars
1 adorable winter coat
1 skirt
--------------------------------Cost: 100.00

Cute shirts for Evan

Awesome Old Navy heavy duty lined coat for Evan...for five bucks! Yippee!