Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Bits

Yeast and I don't get along. I am yeast impaired. So one day when I made rolls and let them rise all day in a perfectly warm kitchen ...covered in saran wrap....and heard a strange puncturing sound...and then saw Evan with these scissors....I was upset to find the result. Yeast hates me....even when it isn't my fault. Evil little Evan.

I felt so good one morning, I made breakfast for the first time in literally months. It felt good to eat real food. I wish I could eat this every day. Eggs, pepper jack and mango salsa on whole wheat, a slab of homemade peach cobbler, and blueberries., how I have missed you.

Afton has interesting posing skills. I never know what I'm going to get when I ask her to simply smile. Each of these poses were very deliberate and could not be negotiated no matter how hard I tried. There were more, but they only get weirder. These were the most normal.Hmm... What else is going on? Oh I discovered that the McDonald's hash browns my kids love also have other charms for Evan. He eats the wrapper right along with the hashbrown. Like a luscious little garnish. Afton brought my attention to that fact, I wonder how many he has eaten?

That's all for now, I have so much to blog I want to catch my computer on fire just to relieve me of the stress! Love you guys!


Audrey Taylor said...

I wanted to see the really weird pics!

Mackay Family said...

You have returned frmo exile! Let there be dancing in the streets and all-night Catan tournaments. I now officially declare September 15as "Angie has returned to Blogland Day!"
You know what, I just checked my calendar and it is Mexican Independence Day. Sorry, you almost had a holiday all to yourself.

Anonymous said...

These pics are a riot, and the scissors thing with the yeast rolls... just too much, who would have thought.... kids... do the funniest things... trust me, later in years, you'll LAUGH at all this!

Wait til your kids are GROWN, then you'll wish for these crazy days to COME BACK !!!!!

Keep blogging, it's so fun to check in and see what's happening at the Larkins!!!!

Love ya !!!!