Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life Well Lived

I've just been thinking lately about how full my seemingly little life is. My mood ebbs and flows like everybody's. Sometimes I think, "Man, I am so tired of everyday feeling like that movie Ground Hog Day." You know that movie with Bill Murray and he gets stuck in time and wakes up to the exact same day every morning? Ugh. Sometimes Nic asks me in the morning as I pour cereal..."How are you?" And I say "Ground Hog Day." And he just knows. Then he'll bring me icecream that night or rub lotion on my feet or something.

Anyway, I received a precious tidbit of advice from Nic's dad once. He told me no matter how many pictures you think you are taking of your family...take ten times more. I now know why he said that. As I sorted through the pictures of the last couple of months I actually got leaky eyes and was so thankful for the experiences we have together as a family. Can everyday be amazingly exciting? No. But can everyday hold a little gem of worth? Absolutely. Here are some of our experiences.

Look What Love Did!

In case you didn't know, I've been growing a kid for the last nine months. Can you believe it? A KID! That's pretty amazing. This last weekend Nic and I enjoyed a staycation courtesy of my sister and her hubby watching our kids. We went out to a decadent dinner and sipped pina colada's, ate cake and basked in the grown-upness of holding hands and not mentioning poop, spankings, or time-out for a whole two hours. Then we went rented movies and layed in bed and ate more cake. We slept in, went for a drive up to the snow, ate out again...played board games with eachother and didn't pick up or clean one single thing the whole weekend. I stepped over the same motorcycle on the floor ten times in one day and didn't care! It was the best.

I caught Nic having a private breakfast with Evan at the teeny table. Evan's little face lit up like a lamp with the personal attention.

Can I just say how smokin' gorgeous Afton thought she was this day? I couldn't stop laughing. We curled her hair for church and I let her wear some perfume and pink lipstick. Oh boy, she was a vain little thing. I love the expression on her face.

I got out of the shower and found these. Notice the mutilated de-frosted cupcakes on the left in the round pan.

Then I found these faces. I like how Evan looks like he has a handle bar moustache.

I liked this picture of Afton. It seems symbolic and it tugs at my heartstrings everytime. We went to California for a week during New Years to visit our bff's and they took us to this place called Travel Town where there are a bunch of retired trains to explore and climb on. We loved it. If you are ever near Hollywood...go.

Evan in testosterone Heaven.

Sitting by the ocean, exploring tidepools, eating Chips-Ahoy which don't even taste good unless you are camping or at the ocean. Nic found this beautiful little blue crab. We also found an octopus and starfish.

What do you get when you put five or six families together on New Year's eve...ton's of delish food and a trunk of rediculous hats? The funnest New Year's party I ever attended. I was having a lot of contractions that night so I sat on the couch in my Princess Laya buns and turban whilst listening to Nic's buddies jam out on the guitars to Johnny Cash songs and other tunes that made me shake my head and say...This is friggin' awesome.

I experimented with the Napoleon Dynamite wig and glasses before settling with the buns and turban. I believe I was impersonating Napoleon here by saying "IDIOT!"

Here's Evan and Afton getting to take some sled rides down Papa Frank's driveway over Christmas Vacay. Priceless.
So the Larkins are good. Can't wait to see this baby in my tummy.


Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

What a lovely post and pictures to go with it. You look so cute in that pregnant picture. A very cute pregnant lady that's what you are! It sounds like life is going well for you guys, which is nice to hear. I think your husband and my husband would be good friends, it seems like they're both equally goofy, funny and romantic guys. Sometime we should meet up and go on a double date. What do you think of that idea?

Audrey Taylor said...

I adore how you guys are so in LOVE! I can't wait to see this little Larkin baby, when is he due?

Lil said...

This post makes me happy

Stacie said...

You make one SEXY Napoleon Dynamite!

Michelle said...

Priceless photos. This entire post is golden... I hope you print it up and save it for posterity. I LOOOOOOVE the pics of you and Nic. You are so beaming and beautiful and the two of you just glow together.
The staycation sounds like the most divine thing EVER... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous! I'm glad you got to do that - you totally deserve it.
All the kid pictures are classic too. (I'm a particular fan of the handlebar mustache myself)
It looks like you guys have had a ton of fun the last couple months.
Any yet, I totally can relate to the groundhog day thing too!

thebealsfamily said...

i try to take a picture a day at least, although sometimes days go by and no photos are snapped, but it is so fun to look back at all the things caught in a photograph.

Mackay Family said...

Great post! Wasn't that party fun? We're still talking about it. We loved having you guys, as short as it was. COme back! Oh wait, it's our turn-- See you in May!

thebealsfamily said...

oh jackie is gone! so tragic! i loved her. her and her crazy outfits.

i said...

what an awesome recap!!! smiles all oer my face. :)

Murray Clan said...

You are so sweet, can't wait to see pics of the new little blessing in your home! Best wishes for an EASY delivery! xoxo

Larkin Family said...

Yippie for alone-time with no kids! You guys need a break before your baby arrives. Good luck and I am excited for you guys!

Kims World said...

You are SOOO beautiful!!! I love your little tummy! I didn't even know your were preggers you QT! Your little family is adorable Zuchinnie, miss you tons.

i said...

waaaah. i wanna see the babe!!! and i'm still gunky!! beeeeg nic to blog it.pretty puleeeeeze!?!

Stacie said...


My kids are sick so going over isn't a possibility right now.


Michelle said...

I want to see your baby too... how are you doing? I can't wait to hear all about it, but I can only imagine how overwhelmed you must be right now! Congratulations. :)

Michelle said...

I would LOVE to come on Saturday! What a great idea!
Sadly, I won't be able to make it because I have a solid "date" with my husband for the Temple at the same time. (We have a rule that once a temple date is in place, we can only change it for extreme circumstances - like temporary blindness, kidney malfunction, or uncontrolled seizures... you know, basically any one of the many side effects caused by most of the drugs I see advertised on T.V.)
Thank you for inviting me though... maybe I can stop by sometime to meet your new little angel? I hope you have a lovely Saturday! (and Thursday night and Friday too)

Catina said...

Okay - it finally hit me. I've been thinking that Afton in her little diva picture reminded me of someone. Leona Lewis! That's it.