Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do Tell

There was no other answer. Afton came to me with that quirky little look on her face and said, "Mom, will you play with me?" No sneakiness, no guile, just a five year old who wanted to play with her mom. I looked around the kitchen at the dirty dishes. Very little counter space was visible. Last night's Jamaican Curry pan now looked and smelled more like Jamaican Furry. It was a mess. But, looking at her face, there was no other answer.

So out came the easy bake oven and two cake mixes + frosting mixes + sprinkles + a weird comb instrument used to make waves in the frosting + mini pans + spoons + mini bowls etc...
We spent an hour mixing up these little concoctions and I loved seeing how happy she was. It was near noon and I still hadn't had a shower. Oh well. When the first cake was finished - chocolate with pink frosting, white frosting dots, and rainbow flower sprinkles, she held it up proudly for the camcorder. OOPS! It slid off her baking tool right onto the floor. Face down of course. We laughed and I'm very sorry to say, ate it right off the floor. What a mess.

That mess got me to thinking about other messes. I'm curious, what is the worst mess you ever had to clean up? I thought of a few. One involved an exploded 2 liter jug of root beer. I never laughed so hard seeing that stuff drip off of my brother's eyelashes. We literally found sticky drips of it in the kitchen for YEARS! The other involved my dog getting hurt, bleeding all over the 9, yes count them 9 couch cushions on my new couch and then getting so upset about it running the other way and spewing doggy diarrhea on all 9, yes count them 9 cushions. (Ran down between the cushions too). Nobody will ever sit on my couch again after this.

But the hardest to clean was when a brand new 3 gallon jug of liquid detergent fell off of the top of my stackable washer and dryer and broke in the night. The next morning there was a sticky blue pool covering my kitchen floor. It had gone under the washer and had even leaked through the wall and covered the bathroom floor. I must say it was pretty amazing. That sucker took many a jumbo roll of Brawny, I'll tell you that. Good times.

What's the worst mess you've ever had?


Karen said...

My son decided to get his own drink of fruit punch koolaid from the gallon pitcher off the table and apparently it was too heavy for his 2 year old muscles. We could have taken a bath in the red puddle. My mop is still pink! I just thank heaven it was on the tile floor! Then, another time, when he was a bit younger he got a hold of the bag balm (like vaseline) and smeared it all over himself, clothes, crib, sheets but thankfully not the wall. Oh, the joy. I was thankful my husband was home to help with that mess! Funny stories now, not so funny then!

Kims World said...

I have one.... Kaden had been a stinker all day so I got fed up and sent him to his room (which is now the room leading to the garage) He went out the garage door, got into the fridge out there, got out a dozen eggs, and broke every one of them in his room. The kicker is that I didn't know about it until it had dried. Eeeeeewwwww. Yellow cement.

Audrey Taylor said...

I don't know...but mothers sure do clean up all sorts of things like poopie, through up, snot and bugars, blood, nail polish, baby powder sprinkled all over the computer room...
I loved this post because you have the right attitude and perspective on life with young children. I think it makes all the difference in our lives when we laugh at these things and you are a swell example of that!

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

What a hilarious yet sad story! The word spew is probably one of the funniest words ever to me! I feel like I haven't had enough kids to even come close to other people's awful stories. Probably the grossest thing was when Addy was about 2 months old we were at church (it always seems to happen there!) and started leaking poop out of her diaper (unbeknownst to me!) and it started leaking onto my skirt and then onto the floor. Poop always makes for a gross story!

Sam said...

One morning Britta woke up crying in her crib. She was about a year old. She was sick and diarrhea was everywhere. It was on Britta the sheets, the crib, and leaking onto the carpet. And it happened at 5:30 in the morning.
However, little kid yuckies are not as gross as adult yuckies. I worked in a group home for adults with mental retardation and other disabilities. One woman had really low verbal skills. She could never tell us when she was going to throw up. She would just do it and it was my job to clean it up. I had some great jobs in college!

Mary said...

Mine is not a nasty story, just a maddening one.

We have always bought or inherited used couches. Last year I got the crazy idea to buy some of my own. We had them a day, yes only a day, and my son drew on them with a blue crayon and an ink pen.


So I spent the next week scrubbing my beautiful new couches with Toothpaste, that a friend had suggested. It worked! (The white stuff only.) And they smelled minty clean.

FFR - For Future Reference

Murray Clan said...

Off the top of my head I cannot think of a HUGE one, but this morning feels big already:
Kaleb was busy while I was making breakfast drawing in his book & I ended up with BLUE MARKER on my white couch "it's an accident okay mom?" then while putting breakfast on the table, he wanted to help and INSISTED on getting the pampered chef mixer of OJ out of the fridge and at least 1/2 ended up on my floor! I've been scrubbing ever since and it still is sticky! UGH, this too shall pass :)