Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rare Leathers

My husband is a big fan of AXE products. He thinks they can do no wrong. I privately wonder if it is because each container has a picture of a confident dude flanked by two curvaceous beauties? That image so reminds me of the mudflaps on an 18 wheeler...you know the ones with the voluptuous chick who is writhing in her own attractiveness? Yeah, I think that's why he buys these products. He loves to find non-serious ways to be piggy. Let me share with you what his latest bottle of body wash says:

"AXE instinct shower gel. The masculine scent of rare leathers in AXE Instinct arouses your animal magnetism. Use Axe and instinctively act as nature intended...How Dirty Boys Get Clean."

Yeah, if the devil made body wash, this would be it and my husband would buy it.

So this morning I stopped him and said, "Who wants to smell like rare leather anyway?"

And what constitutes "rare leather?" So we commenced a show down on who could come up with the rarest leather.
Me: Ostrich Skin?
Him: Lizard Belly.
Me: Rat Pelt.
Him: Moose armpit.
Me: Chicken feet.
Him: Ant shoulder.
Me: That's not a leather!

I love my husband. I love his indestructible male confidence. When he comes in sweaty and I tell him to go shower, he says: "I know it's hard for you to resist my natural musk". So I guess it's a win win for me in the smell department. I can enjoy his "natural musk" or try my luck at beating off the women when he cleans himself with "rare leathers". I'm a lucky lady.


Karen said...

Seriously, I am so excited to read your posts. You CRACK me up!! Oh, btw, we have afternoon kinder. What park are you going to on Friday?

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

I find it funny that they would describe the scent as not only leather, but rare leather. As if wearing a rare leather scent would make you far superior to someone just wearing a regular leather scent. I'm with you though, I'm not sure why a person would want to smell of leather. I love that you wrote a post about it though, funny stuff!

Stacie said...

Moose armpit, huh? I think that would, indeed, be some very rare leather!

How's Afton liking kindergarten?

Michelle said...

That's hillarious! My husband also loves AXE products, and I do seriously think a lot of it has to do with the captions... they SO feed the male ego.
You've gotta hand it to the people that come up with this stuff. Rare leather? Seriously?
Thanks for the laugh! Moose armpit was my favorite one too.

Audrey Taylor said...

You make me laugh so much. I really think your humor is a blessing and a talent!

Mary said...


Murray Clan said...

I'm seriously LOL at your showdown! I can just see his smirky smile as he throws the next one at you! I think you are BOTH very lucky! xo

NessaB said...

So, I've been checking out your life on Facebook and your blog! I thought you had moved to California? Didn't we run into each other at the pediatricians? Anyway, you are beautiful! Always have been! Congrats on the new baby and what else is going on?!

Forbush in Texas said...

Oh my gosh Angie. I'm sorry but that is sooo funny.
Sean sticks with Old Spice. I love it!