Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sub-par summary

Man! I can't take it anymore! I'm up late making invitations for my twilight party and my lack of blogging lately has finally overidden good sense and at 1:15 am I am making a post. Phew... Now mind you, this is a rediculous pictoral summary that in no way sufficiently chronicles the adventures of the last month...but here are some little bits.

I got a new haircut that you can't really see in this picture, but I was feeling cute today so I took a picture of all of us to commemorate my great self esteem.
Here's Mr. Turkey, our paper plate friend.

This is my house and Evan after our Disneyland Vacay.

This is how Afton feels about the beach.

She also feels like this.

My honies.

Our last day at our heavenly hotel. Sigh. You can tell our smiles are fake. When we picked up our car I had to physically make Nic drive away from the Hotel and off Disney property. He was more depressed than me!

Me and Afton in front of Bear Rapids. My bump groweth.

Afton enjoying the fruits of Disneyland.

The train ride at D.L.

I find my husband's hairline sexy for some reason. This photo shows how cool his hair grows.


Evan making his pirate hook.

And finally, I was tagged to share five wierd things about me or my family:
1. Nic would kill me...but I happen to know he has imaginary conversations with famous people from history such as Brigham Young (taking him for a car ride through the desert and explaining modern science to him). The other day I heard him talking to George Washington in the shower. I called him on it. He was so busted.
2. I'm a taco rebel. I always put unexpected things on my taco like celery, pineapple, spinach etc. I'm bored of the lettuce tomato thing.
3. I get a narcotic high from putting up Christmas decorations.
4. I fill the pit hole of avacados with ketchup and eat the whole thing.
5. When Afton gets really excited about something, she grabs her butt cheeks and runs around in circles.
I tag my Cali friends Melissa, Kim and Evan.
Phew....I posted. Blood pressure returning to normal....ahh...gotta go to bed.


Karen said...

What a great post! First, you do look so very cute in the picture. Second, fun that you got to go to DL. I am jealous, I want to go for my birthday next year (free ticket on your birthday in 2009). Third, Afton is a beautiful Cinderella! And, I was about to die when I saw Evan and his pirate hook but don't forget the crinkled nose, stinkin' priceless.

The Morris Fam said...

welcome back to the computer realm!

You do look dang cute!
ketchup filled avocados...sounds like a tasty hours derv!
I'm glad you LOVED disneyland...sorry about the withdrawals.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Sufficiently weird, I am impressed!

Though I am a little concerned about Nic, it's one thing to chat with the deceased but the question on everyones mind... do they talk back? :)

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

I think you are one of the the most photogenic ladies ever and look cute in every picture I've ever seen of you. Looks like such a fun trip to Disneyland! If you're ever in San Diego you really need to come visit us and I'm not just saying that, you really do. Lastly, I was just saying to Ryan yesterday, "Do you think that other couples are as weird as we are when we're together?" I am glad to see that you guys are also weirdos!

monica said...

Twilight party with invitations? Goodness I thought going to the midnight showing with a bunch of 20 somethings was exciting, you've really raised the gauntlet.:)

Stacie Morris said...

Yesssss...Twilight invitations!!!

You have my undivided attention!

Michelle B. said...

The kids costumes were so cute! Your trip looked like alot of fun. The pics were great.

Murray Clan said...

I love you Angie, you are such a sweet mom & wife! Love your Disneyland pics of your fam, I could hear the pirate AAArrrrrggg from here! xo

Kacey Nielsen said...

By the way, I am still laughing about your invitations. It may be the most giggle inspiring invite I have received in my life.

Jon's comment was, 'in the age of photoshop, angie is cutting and pasting pictures out of magazines?' Boys so do not get it.