Thursday, December 11, 2008


Christmas time can be so fun, yet so crazy! I constantly find myself bouncing between periods of stess and bilss. There are so many activities to participate in and when I get behind in my organization I get overwhwhelmed! But I love, love, love melting into my couch every night after the kids are in bed and looking at my Christmas tree. (Usually playing with Nic's hair as he snores in my lap.) So here's what's been going on.

Daddy Daughter Date - Fun carefree time
Nic has decided on his own that he wants to take the kids on dates. This is him and Afton rollerskating at Crystal Palace. He said he really felt the rightness of having alone time with the kids confirmed to him as he sat and chatted with Afton at Burger king afterwards. He asked her about preschool, her friends, etc...and she glowed with all of the attention. So cute.

Sweaty Santa
Nic got this random urge to particiapte in the Santa Run. He along with 8 or 9 thousand other Santas ran a 5K to raise money for opportunity villiage. He is so random sometimes. But I loved him coming home in this get-up. He had the time of his life.
Trying to get a dang photo for Christmas cards!! - Not so blissful part of Christmas
Let me tell you how this night went. We were late for the ward Christmas party. I suddenly realized I did not own even one pair of pants that would fit over my bump that were not grease stained sweats or gaucho pants. So I was wearing my pre-pregnancy slacks -totally unzipped hoping they wouldn't a.) fall off in the buffet line or b.) look all lumpy in the Christmas photo. Nic had made this amazing camera stand with books, a highchair and a small table to perch the camera on so we could use the timer. And to top it all off, Afton and her interesting posing skills, which I have mentioned before, made getting a good shot nearly impossible. I assure you, what follows is a very small sampling of her creative interpretation of "say cheese".

The Mackays dropped by- Great part of the Holidays
Our beloved bff's from California stopped by and lit up our life with this giant trout pillow. It just tickled my funny bone. I nearly wet myself. Evan would stroke him, tuck him into bed, ride him like a bronco...I couldn't get enough of this darn fish.

This isn't Christmas related, but Evan had his second birthday and was thrilled with his motorcyle that said, "Ninja wheelie time!!!! SCREECH..PEEL OUT NOISE..." Mom was not so thrilled with that sound after hearing it all day, but whatever.

Okay fine, this also has nothing to do with Christmas, but OH MY GOSH! I had the bomb twilight party! Thanks to every fanatical friend that attended. We had the most delicious spread of vampire inspired food, over 20 women and the best time I have had in forever. We had way more fun than this picture portrays. Apparently I am the master at capturing people at the most awkward or rediculous moment.

Sigh.....Look, even my sister in the background is enjoying watching me kiss Edward...he's that cute!


It's a Boy!!! said...

You are so cute! I love the kissing Edward pic. Woman at the Well was beautiful. I'm so glad your sister was willing to do it with me!

So...Weston's sleeping skills...he ONLY sleeps like that during the day or early morning. Nights are another story these days. He would fit right in at Tina's house most nights. He seems to be on a sleeping strike...

Audrey Taylor said...

I LOVE the Christmas pictures. I see you got a haircut. Even though your long hair was super pretty, you look so refined with your new style. The children look great! You and Nic make good looking kids; can't wait to see this next baby :)

Karen said...

First, I love your cute hair. I couldn't see it good in the other pictures. I soooo want to cut my hair but my husband is giving me a hard time. I love the Christmas pictures. The second one down is super cute. I know that Afton's OH face is probably not what you were looking for but it is a pricelss moment that I think you will look back on with fondness. Oh, how I wish I could have come to your Twilight party. Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe next time!

Michelle said...

I really like your hair... and all those beautiful family pictures! Your kids are adorable. (like you didn't know)
I can definately believe that Christmas shopping put you into pre-term labor. I like the shopping after kids are in bed idea. Thanks for the tip!
When is your baby due?

The Morris Fam said...

yeah...great party. and great family pics. come what may and love it i say...take all four and put them into a colaage together . i love em. oh. are refined. what a purdy ladey.

Mackay Family said...

Obey the trout! That is the only way to true enlightenment. By the way, Afton's contribution to your Christmas picture is priceless. See you in a few weeks! LARKINFEST 2008 BABY!!!!!!!

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

I love your little girls faces in those pictures, classic! She seems like she's quite the ham. You look just lovely as always! The picture of the big fish with you in the background was a little confusing to me at first. I thought that your skirt was hiked up and you were showing off some major leg, but then I realized it was a baby laying on your lap. Crazy stuff!

Stacie said...

That Twilight party was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Again, thanks, Angie!

Larkin Family said...

ok, it would be so hilarious to send an Xmas card with Afton making a funny face! Those pics were so cute. You don't even look prego by the way, you look dang good girl. Hopefully we will see you this Saturday at the Larkin Christmas party!

Cyndi said...

AUGH!!! I miss you so much!