Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Question

You never know the thoughts that may be going on in a four year-old's mind. We were driving back from the pediatritian and Afton said, "Cool."

"What's cool?" I said.

"We never have to die when we are "ress-rected"", Afton said.

"Yeah. That's true." I said.

Then she said, "How do you get to heaven? Do you ride up on a bed or does Heavenly Father come down and pick you up?"

I had a good laugh trying to imagine some cloud covered taxi or bed knobs and broom sticks scenario. She's such a cute little thing.


Michelle said...

oh, that is just precious! Kids are so funny. I guess we don't realize all the many things that are getting sorted out in their little minds!

The Morris Fam said...

i always imagined it like they do it on star trek...beam me up scottie! that would be cool.

Murray Clan said...

That is so sweet, and innocent! xo

Stacie said...

Ha! I personally like the idea of a ride in a nice cozy bed. Maybe with a goose down comforter...