Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't Wanna

In the days of the Cosby Show and Madonna, McDonald's served the most delectable apple pies. Not the dry crumbly wannabe pies of today. The old ones were deep fried, boiling hot with crispy, oily skin covered in crunchy golden bubbles. They trumped hot fudge sundaes if that tells you anything. I loved them like Gollum loves his precious.

One day, while eating at McDonald's, my dad saw me looking a little glum.

"What's wrong Angie?" ( I was about 5 btw)
"I'm depressed."
"Because this is my last bite of apple pie."

All good things come to an end. Now Christmas is over and I feel like I just ate my last bite of apple pie. My Christmas manicure has chipped off. I poured the eggnog down the drain. It glubbed out thick and yellow and coated the sink. I haven't had the heart to plug in the outdoor lights for three days. Okay, that was dramatic...I just forgot to actually. But still. I wouldn't have forgotten if it were still Christmas!

But the worst - Trashing the gingerbread houses. The trash was full and I pressed them down in the bag with a flat palm, crumbling them into sweet smelling victims of Hurricane Angie. Christmas is over and all evidences of it must die. Okay. That also was melodramatic.


You know what, though? I'm leaving my cards up. I'm leaving them up well into February!
The tree's getting the boot on Monday.

At least I have the extra 10 pounds I'm sure I've gained to keep me warm through the rest of the winter.



lilsusha said...

Hahaha! You're gonna need that extra 10 pounds with the latest cold wave we've been riding here in Vegas.
I hate to see Christmas go too. I had intentions to be done with decorations and put everything away 2 days after.
Tree will come down tomorrow. I'm done playing all the Christmas music. I'm ready to get this fresh start going. Hoping next year I'll enjoy the season a little more. RELAX!
Love your insights.

i said...

Your houses were lucky...Hurricane Morris happened weeks ago!

Cyndi said...

Dang I wish I would have thought to leave our cards up too! I'm totally missing Christmas now that it's over. Hmm...there may be a blog post about that!

Michelle said...

I feel the same way. I barely had the wilpower to take down our ornaments on New Year's Day. When I was a kid, the month of December lasted FOREVER. Now it feels like one whirlwind of a week!
By the way, thanks for reminding me that I am not the only person old enough to remember the Cosby Show (which I loved) and Madonna at her zenith. I am currently surrounded by ladies that are between eight and ten years younger than me, and it makes me feel like I'm ancient. I might as well be mother hubbard!

Stacie said...

Damon and I laugh about it each year, but we LOVE getting Christmas out Thanksgiving weekend and the very next day after Christmas it is GONE! We are DONE! Back to the attic and gladly done so.

And the Christmas cards? Um...I can't believe I'm going to admit this...I throw them out as soon as my guilt permits me. Aack! I use to feel bad about that. Okay, I'm lying. I never feel bad about it. Less cards, less clutter. Less clutter, less crap to keep clean!

I love having my birthday Christmas/clutter/crap free!

Mary said...

Cute post, although I don't share the same sentiments, except for the 10 pound thing.

Mackay Family said...

Angie! Ok. I finally caught up on your blog! It's so fun to read! We miss you guys!!!! Sell your house and move to Ca!