Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strange Brew

You never know what a new day will bring. Lots of times it brings exactly what it brought the last ten days. Not so today. When I woke up this morning I had no idea that:

-The dog would eat my stash of powdered Crystal Light.

-Jemma would eat the powdered stash of my feet skin which was still sitting in the Ped Egg after I tamed my Sasquatch feet.

-I would have an artichoke and a spoonful of Nutella for lunch.

-I'd be diagnosed with a geezer ailment. A hernia. What?!

-A one armed man in a turban would steal my cell phone and then lie his head off about it.-When I told my sister about my phone she happened to know the guy who stole it. Ha!

It's been a weird day. I'm going to go hide my other electronic devices and powdered substances now. I also can't get over the thought that he hid my phone IN his turban. I keep picturing myself unwrapping it slowly while saying, "Ha-LOW! My name is Angie Larkin. You steal my cell phone. Prepare to DIE!


stout family said...

I am sorry for the crazy day...but not quite so sad that it ended in this post! You are awesome! With all that weirdness today, tomorrow HAS to be good...right?

Lisa said...

So many weird things for one day! I'm actually a bit grossed out by the Jemma thing, but I'm sure you were, too. ;) The rest of it was pretty entertaining. Minus the hernia. Ouch.

"M" Clan said...

WOW, honestly you should get a medal, massage, something! If your sis knows the one armed bandit I say darn the army garb and save it from a sentence of sweatyness!! xoxo

Michelle said...

Ha ha ha ha!! So funny. Definitely a weird day. I'm sad your phone was stolen from you though. I can't believe you even confronted the dude and he denied it!

Sam said...

If you're going to have a weird day it's worth it if you're left with a great story.