Monday, August 15, 2011

Summa Summa Summa Time

I think I've won the award for most epically lazy blogger this summer. Lest I spoil my rep, I shall continue blogging with the least amount of effort possible...hence this hodge podge of unrelated summer photos.

My handsome tan husband had a birthday. The highlights were the puppy I bought him last minute and the incredibly manly wrapping paper I found for him. Not that there's any shame in the Tinkerbell and Elmo motif last year...Julie was my first friend I made in Las Vegas. She is a superstar among women and I am sad sad sad she moved away. This was our fancy farewell photo.
This is Nic getting Jemma psyched for the chicken chase in Gunlock, UT.
Two faces I kiss often. Wouldn't you?
The 4th of July celebration in Pine Valley Utah was so darn patriotic I about had a heart attack. I love my country.

I was just feelin' it that day. Doesn't it just look like I was feelin' it?
Did you know there are cool hikes that are super easy for kids up at Mt. Charleston? Well, it was a little much for Jemma apparently, but check out the cool pay off at the end! (Scroll down)
A waterfall! Who knew?
Do you remember feeling like you were hot stuff when you were little? For me it was when I got some lime green sunglasses with rainbow paint splatters on the lenses and a flash dance sweatshirt that hung off of one shoulder. HOT STUFF. For Afton and Ellie it was sitting on the top of the truck at the drive-in. Doesn't get any cooler.
There you have it friends, the laziest summer re-cap ever. Go me! :)


Anna said...

Love it, Angie! So fun!!

Mindy B said...

Great pics! Wanna go hiking @ Mt. Charleston before summer is over... what was that hike called??

Angie Larkin said...

Mindy, it had the word "falls" in it:) LOL, I have a terrible memory, but it is where you can hike Cathedral Rock. There are two trails to choose from and you can go left to C.R. or go right to this falls one. I heard the C.R. one is really easy too.

i said...

I like the pictures! The arm stretched pic prevailed!!! Ours was surprisingly good even sans makeup. What makes me laugh is how long it took to get one with the kids behind the lens!;)
Sorry I moved. :( I miss you. Even if before we couldn't see each other as much, at least we knew it was possible within 30 minutes!!!

P.s.I love the manly wrapping paper. I bought some for Patrick that had calculus equations once. :)

Sam said...

I want more info. on the chicken race? What's that about? Do 2 yr. olds do a lot of chicken racing in Gunlock? Does it involve actual chickens because that sounds pretty exciting? As an owner of 6 chickens I'm very interested.

Stacie said...

Chicken race?!? How cool is that?

I love random posts, you get so much about what's going on in one's life.

Happy belated B-Day, Nic!

Katy said...

You'd better get back to posting, babe!:)