Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's cooking?

I remember Oprah once did an episode in which she walked around a neighborhood randomly knocking on doors simply to see what people were cooking for dinner. I loved that episode! I am always interested in what people are cooking. Nic scolds me because I love to "accidentally" peek in people's windows when we take evening walks. I love to cook. It comprises about 35 percent of my life:) This is what I have cooked in the last week. What are you cooking these days?

-Baked Rotini with sausage
-Thai Beef Curry with coconut milk and red peppers
-Sausage and green pepper pizza
-Quadruple berry turnovers
-Nic made fried egg sandwiches on Sunday morning
-grilled cheese and tomato/oregano soup

Bon apetite mes amis!


Catina said...

You know how I love to hear about your creative and yummy recipes! I recently made waiki ki meatballs, 7-layer salad, chicken parmesan, beef stroganoff, cowboy beans, baked penne, quesadillas and spaghetti with homemade meatballs.

stout family said...

I love that you are an official blogger now! I have cooked pasta with (may I say) awesome sauce. It took two hours to make! Sadly, Adam was in finals, so I didn't cook much. I hate cooking for just myself & Bennett is happy with anything! I am roastint chicken & potatoes tonight, though!

Stacie Morris said...

Um...does Sam's Club count?

monica said...

Angie! Hi how fun that you have a blog too! I just got in the loop very recently as well. Your little girl and boy are HUGE!!! When did that happen? Cute! Cute!
What have I been cooking? I've been on a vegetarian kick lately so my weekly menu includes:
Black bean burgers,
falafel with cucumber sauce,
taco salad,
tofu fajitas,
Asian chicken salad &
sushi. Okay, so I'm not 100% vegetarian, but that's what I'm leaning towards, maybe in the next 5 years I'll commit. If you have any low animal product recipes, send them my way, I'd love to try them out.

The Morris Fam said...

What a treat. An entry two days in a row! Cooking....I do it because I can't just feed my family BRC's all the time and I can't bear to buy pre-made food. I have made: Yummy stir-fried vegis and rice, Taco salad heavy on the salad with lots of tomato and avocado, beans...no meat. Deluxe Potato bar, Spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and cream cheese...That was not high on the healthy list. Potato and egg breakfast burritos. And more, but I'm tired of typing! Great idea. I am going to make falafel tonight...