Thursday, May 1, 2008


Anyone who really knows me knows I can never wait for the next thing. I take pregnancy tests way before it's time and then rush to my friends' doors with EPT's that might possibly have a line on them. I put up Christmas decorations on November 1st. I start watching Snow White and Peter Pan a month before we step foot in Disneyland. I read the last paragraph of books before I'm done with them. I started planning my wedding with Nic (secretly of course) about a week after I met him. I just can't wait!!!! I'm always anxious for the next thing.

Now it's summer time. ALMOST! I have already swam in the UCHOA pool three times even though it is freezing. My fingertips and countertops are stained with berry juice from all of the berry stuff I've been making because it just feels summery! I eagerly wait for the days when my kids live in My Little Pony panties and diapers. (Cuts way back on the laundry). I've poured over Tahiti Vacation guides...(someday). I have even stocked up on our summer staple...Faux-J which is Walmart's generic version of Crystal Lite orange juice.

We've had a couple of warm nights so far and we took full advantage of playing with the garden hose for an hour, getting all sticky with watermelon juice and riding trikes and bikes half naked! (The kids of course).

So here's to summer and all of it's joys!


The Morris Fam said...

Nothing like a waking up to a 65 degree morning to get you pumped up for summer!

The Morris Fam said...

I meant 56 degree...oops. By the way, I really enjoy your writing style!

christina said...

I love this post. I have thought about it at some point or another everyday since I have read it. And by the way, you exude summer all year, girl. It's just something about you. I love it!