Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Family

Afton, Evan, Vaughn and Pax chillin' at Burger King.

I was really hoping nobody was in the mood to poop!

Gauge Wentworth Larkin, 8lbs 11oz.

Nic's brother Sean has recently moved his family back to Las Vegas. We have had such a good time getting to know eachother again. Apryl, Sean's wife had a new baby this weekend and we watched the kids for them while she was in the hospital. I have discovered there is nothing quite like cousin fun. Those kids had a blast doing nothing more than running around with burger king crowns on eating cheetos. It is so special to make these relationships while they are young. We loved being together! And can I just say...holding that new little baby made me baby hungry like nobody's business! He had the most amazing pure white eyebrows and perfect little peanut head!


The Morris Fam said...

Nice to see they found a name. I love the name Gauge! What a fun time!

Stacie Morris said...

Congratulations, Sean!! We, too, have a special place in our hearts for cousin fun!

J.Ammon said...

Congrats to Sean! I can't wait for my siblings/in-laws to get to work and get Noah some cousins of his own!