Monday, May 19, 2008

Pick your Battles

I like things done my way. I just do. Nic and I argued about the temperature the dishes should be rinsed in for the first two years of our marriage. He said it doesn't matter...I insisted it should be flesh-melting hot. We've compromised. We use really, really warm water now.

Anyway, Afton was cleaning up a big dominoes mess. I wanted her to hurry so I could go put Evan down for a nap. She insisted on cleaning them up by stuffing as many dominoes as possible into her mouth, crawling over to the box and offloading. Annoying that she wouldn't do it my way. Then I realized...she's cleaning isn't she? So it felt good to enjoy the moment, take a picture and laugh about it. I'll Lysol the dominoes later.


The Morris Fam said...

Well done mommy! Doesn't it feel good to let them take the reigns?...but not too often! Sure makes for a great picture

Marylin and Jimmy said...

So funny! I am the same way about liking things done my way but I have gotten better over the years at letting them did things how they like if they are willing to help!! :) What a small world we live in huh?! It was fun chatting with you today!

Karen said...

We've all been there, right. You asked her to clean up the dominoes, you didn't specify how. It reminds me of my daughter cleaning up her toys with her toes.
It was good to hear from you on my blog. It's neat to reconnect with old friends!!