Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phantom of the Cow Poo

Today was a day of fun landmarks. First of all, Evan said his first prayer at dinner tonight. You will need to know that he says "cow poo" when he is trying to say "thank you". So here was his prayer:
Cow Poo. Amen.
I'm sure God gets all kinds of prayers, but this was probably today's cutest. In the whole world.

In other news, Afton has inexplicably become obsessed with Phantom of the Opera. I know. She has been pretending I am the phantom for three days. She only eats if Phantom cooked it, asks me to wear our couch blanket for my evil phantom cloak, and periodically caresses my face whilst saying, "It's okay Phantom, I can love you and Raul even though your face is hideous." She is even learning the lyrics to her favorite scenes. This clip is from when the Phantom appears behind the mirror in Christine's dressing room. Afton sings Christine's response:

Sometimes I dream about the things I would be doing if I weren't a mom. But I think I can safely say, I couldn't dream up stuff as fun as this day no matter how hard I tried. Viva la mommyhood.


The Hedden Herald said...

How frikin cute was that! Phantom is playing here in July and August and I am begging Brent to get me tickets for my birthday. I have never seen it and I really really really want to. By the way to your early post YES COME SEE US AND PLAY! Crash on our couch or floor or we even have a blow up mattress. We are only about 10 minutes from the beach. You might want to wait until July or the end of June though because of May gray and June gloom. Since the water is still cold but the air is warm it causes tons of fog and gloomy days. Although if you come during the summer you will hit July FRY!!!! HEHE I like that silly saying the best! Really after May and June is fine. Spetember gets really warm but it's not terrible if you are at the beach. Come come come!

Stacie Morris said...

Now THAT is way too cute!! Live on, Mama, live on!!

The Morris Fam said...

Patrick looked over my shoulder..(he's a closet blog looker) and said, "she is always talking about poop"...I think Evan is too! What a cute prayer.
Phantom, I think Christina is so cute and beautiful!

Marylin and Jimmy said...

Oh man that is sooo stinkin cute!! Those are the best kind of days! I love the things that little kids do and say!

Karen said...

That was adorable. I love how funny kids are. My blog wouldn't be funny if it weren't for my kids.