Thursday, October 9, 2008

My sous chefs

Nic came home the other day and payed me the sweetest compliments for letting the kids cook with me. Although it's messy, it takes longer and it's not convenient.... He thanked me for creating happy memories for the kids. The little stinkers always find their way into the kitchen and here's some photos of what we've cooked together lately.
Evan Mutilating some snow peas for the stir fry

Peeling peaches from my parent's ranch for Pablo Peach Pie!

Making pizza dough

Bean Salad

BBQ Kabobs

And for those of you tisk tisking...wondering if I ever clothe my children, I swear I do, they just end up like that somehow!


Amanda and Joel Backlund said...

Wow...I think you're missing out on a major money making opportunity by not opening a Larkin Family restaurant. It looks like you have some natural chefs in the family.

I'm sure a well placed bribe would help you get around that stupid health department rule that chefs must wear clothes.

Mackay Family said...

Um...That makes me hungry. All my kids do is empty the contents of cereal boxes on the kitchen floor.

The Morris Fam said...

dang i'm hungry. did you save me some pie!??! it looks amazing! so does everything. yum.

Murray Clan said...

You are such a good mommy, I am always in a rush to do it myself, thank you for showing me it's okay to be messy and let the kids join in! xo