Monday, June 2, 2008

Princess Palooza

Afton's cousin Ellie turned 3 and had a princess party to end all. I wanted to share a few of the cute pictures. Highlites from the party include: A real hairdresser (Denise whom I love) came and did princess do's for all of the girls. Afton requested "a big ballerina bun". My nephew Zac and his cohort Peyton crashed the party by dressing up in princess garb. Afton blew out Ellie's candles for her. And I ate more Totino's pizza bites than any human being ever should. I had heartburn for two days. We had a blast. I love getting together with a bunch of women who think their kid is the cutest thing ever. Don't we all think that?







Karen said...

What a cute party but I especially love the party crashers. How neat to have a hair dresser doing the girls' hair.

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

Hi there, this is Melissa Jones (now, Mills) and I don't know if you even have a clue who I am! We were in sorority and the singles ward together way back in the day! I happened upon Julie's blog and then saw the link to your blog. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and tell you that you have a very cute family! I always thought that you and Nick made a great pair. If you want to check out my blog, the link is:
Hope that all is well!

Juan "the mysterious" said...

Dude. Afton is so beautiful. Nice work. We just moved up to Jacksonville FL to start my residency. Got a sweet pad 4b 2b. Shaunna and I are going to be wedding singers for her bro's wedding this next week!! So fun. I share your enthusiasm about being a parent. My chillies are so fun. Auralee is so cute!

be well.

Becca said...

I was excited to see your comment and discover your blog!! Your family is beautiful and you are too. It's seriously been along time, but I'm glad that you are doing well. That's cool that you were in Seth and Brandi's ward. We love them. So is Bishop Bullock your bishop? I think that party is the cutest ever! I love Afton's 4th birthday cake!! Did you make it? I would love to know how!! It's amazing!!

Stacie Morris said...

That is the CUTEST party! What little girl wouldn't want to be a true princess for a day!

The Morris Fam said...

Looks familiar! What cute sisters you guys are! I can't wait to have my own princess party!(For ANNA that is.

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

I am glad that you added me to your list, because you're on mine too! I can't believe that you actually remember what I got you for your wedding. Funnily enough when I was writing that first comment I was thinking about your wedding reception and how I tried to come to it, but got totally lost and only got to give you guys your present real quick. I guess it was worth it, since you still enjoy the Jiffy pizza crust!

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...
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Chris & Lynette said...

So glad you found us! It's so fun to keep in touch with everyone. Your kids are so cute and getting so big!!! Are you guys still here in Vegas?

Amber said...

That looks like so much fun! What a cute bunch of princesses.

I'm so glad you stopped by! It's been fun catching up with you and your cute little family!

Karissa (KC) said...

I just wanted to say hello... You have a super cute family! How fun!

Take care!

Audrey Taylor said...

You guys have so much fun and I love how you write, you make me laugh! We couldn't live without the humor those boys provide. That was great.
Elijah's b-day party is this Sat at the Lied Children's Discovery Museum from 12:30 to 2:30. Come over and play if you guys want.